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Sunday, January 4, 2009

GAZA: What Can I, As a Muslim Do?

What can we do about the slaughter of Muslims in Palestine and around the world? What is our stance concerning the slaughter of Muslims in Palestine and other parts of the world that is happening right now, where houses are being destroyed, farms are being wrecked, children are being killed, the wounded are being detained in the streets, houses are being bombarded and people are being prevented by the Jews and others, from buying the food and drink that they need? What can I, as a Muslim, do?

Here are the answers:

1- You have to make du’a, and recite dua al-qunut in your salah (prayer).

2- Collect charity and send it through trustworthy channels.

3- Support the weak and oppressed in all ways, including the media and the internet.

4- Get scholars, daaiyahs, khateebs and writers to explain the oppression that is happening and the negligence on the part of the ummah, and to mobilize the ummah to defend the holy places.

5- Pursuing all the means of building up material and moral strength, in preparation for meeting the enemies (in battle).

6- Reminding oneself and others of the virtues of martyrdom for the sake of Allah and studying the rulings on jihad, and not having an attachment to this world.

7- Doing as much damage as possible to the enemies who are in a state of war with us, by boycotting their products, attacking them verbally and in writing to humiliate and annoy them, and to point out their kufr and shirk, and their insults to Allah, His Messenger and the believers, publishing as much as possible in the audio-visual and print media about this serious topic whilst also connecting that to Islamic belief and the words of Allah and His Messenger.



Mesej yg baru saya terima dari seorang kawan, umat Islam yg sedang berjuang melawan rejim zionis di Palestin meminta seluruh umat Islam membacakan surah al Fath untuk mereka dan berdoa kepada Allah supaya mereka diberi pertolongan...

Ayuh, kalau bukan kita yg melakukannya, siapa lagi...Kalau bukan sekarang, bila lagi...



Unknown said...

Afzan, kakchik pun ada terima mesej yang sama. Sdg usaha berdoa sekerap mungkin untuk keselamatan & kesejahteraan Islam dan saudara kita di Palestin.

Shahibul Afzan Wahab said...

Semoga Allah perkenankan doa-doa kita semua kak chik...

Ghuraba said...


there are many things we can do..

thanks for sharing.

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